Woodlands 1

The wall embracing the properties on Craigton Road and Bairds Brae corner, Cults, Aberdeen

The look from the inside where the wall is up to 2.4 metres high
Woodlands 5

Total length of the wall is about 140 meters
Westbrig 1

Another big wall 4 ft high. Built with strong cement mortar/ concrete kernel, it has "drystone" look.

No mortar is exposed, which makes the wall to join the landscape naturally.

The wall marks the perimeter of the property.

It is around 165 meters long
Westbrig 2

The wall is visible from public roads:

Westbrig, Alford access

Driving from Aberdeen, go straight through Alford and turn towards Banchory/ Aboyne/ Tarland. Cross the sharp bridge and look at your right - it is there, marked with red cross on the map.

Rubble wall up to 2 meters high, with same pillars 2.3 meters high, forming entrance to new development


Durable and tidy granite rubble wall along access lane to the property
Ramsay Rd, Banchory

Woodlands 5

Millhouse near Auchenblae/ Laurencekirk. Stone rubble wall forming gate entrance to the house
Woodlands 5

I have built this wall with the pieces of sandstone and granite rubble

The wall is built with cement mortar, but no mortar is visible here

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